Yard Signs and Maintenance



If you want to advertise your business, yard signs should definitely be one of the options to take into account. Although having some sort of signage is better than having none at all, there are a few distinctive advantages of choosing these signs over the rest. Here are a few of them:


  • Reduced Rates: Yard signage is highly affordable. The price of the sign technically depends on the material, quantity and size, but considering the extent of exposure that the yard sign gives you and for which you are paying, the case becomes an earnest one. Corrugated signs are affordable and they allow you to switch them out at every sale, event or holiday celebration that your business has at that point of time. While metal yard signs are more expensive, they are long lasting too. This means that you are only required to pay once for the advertising USPS post cards printing campaign and then reap the benefits.


  • Easy to Install: Installing these signs in your yard is a lot easier. As long as you order the right accessories for your use, all that you are required to do for displaying your sign is attach it with the accessory and then stick the yard sign into the ground. While car signs and window graphics will require cleaning on a periodic basis, detailed installation and constant maintenance, the signs for your yard will not require any such looking after.


  • Portability: The other key benefit of using these products is that you can carry them with you. Unless the sign has been attached to the ground with the help of cement, or to a building, they can be portable. For real estate contractors and political candidates, this is something important as the political and real estate yard signs can travel with you to all the new listings or campaigning events.


  • Reusability: The lawn or yard signs can be replaced or removed. They can also be reused and stored. This can be great for business promotion and advertising campaigns which tend to occur from time to time. For example, if your business organizes a semi-annual clearance sale, you may order the signs once and then display them each time you are organizing the sale. As the signs are not being constantly put to use, they can last for a longer period of time, provided they are stored carefully.


  • Visibility: Lawn signs allow you to make the most of the power of dimensions while at the same time conveying a message. After all, a 3D movie is always more appealing than a 2D one. In the same vein, the signs which are placed on your yard or even on the street will jump out at the customer and get their attention more than the signs that are placed on your store windows. This does not mean that the graphics on your store window are not important as they are important for identifying your business, but that the signs in your yard are among the best ways for the people to come up and notice your business. The yard signs along with the window decals can convince the customers to step inside.


How to Maintain the Yard Signs


One of the major benefits of yard signs is that they are user friendly and call for little maintenance. The installation is simple, easy and quick as well. However, there are certain things that need to be done on a regular basis to make sure that your product is in the best possible shape and condition. This will increase the life span of your sign and hence save money in the long run. This is also a process that can make your sign look professional and attract more customers. Here are some tips to make your lawn signs look long lasting:


  • Periodic Cleaning upon Mounting: The signs should be cleaned periodically to attain several benefits. It will prevent the substrate from deteriorating. Coating is made on corrugated plastic to prevent damage from the weather, although these could be damaged by harsh substances such as road grime and lawn fertilizer. Metal signage is resistant to rust, although without cleaning for a long time, this too could wear out.


However, this should not prevent you from ordering a metal sign. Clean the lawn signs every couple of weeks with water and soap. Do not use anything that is ammonia based as it would lead to damage. It will make the signage look spanking new. With an attractive and sparkling message, you can rope in more customers.


  • Check the Mounting Area: Check this area regularly. Severe weather in the form of extreme drought or flooding can change the soil consistency around the post or frame, causing a positional shift. Make sure that the sign is firmly mounted.


  • Tighten the Fastenings: A number of customers display yard signs screwed on a real estate frame or even attached to a side of the fence or building. If you use any kind of fastener to hold the sign, check them periodically to make sure that they are still tight. Quick tightening can ensure prolonged life for your lawn signage.


  • Clean before Storing: Yard signage can be easily removed whenever required. F you are using the signage for using it later make sure that it is kept clean. Clean it thoroughly with water and soap. Wipe the sign and other mounting accessories as any grime or dirt could lead to deterioration. This is very important for political signs, real estate signs and other lawn signs that can be moved around pretty often.


  • Store Carefully: Be careful with where the sign is being placed. It is best to leave the framed signage within the frame to preserve the space. However, if there are corrugated pieces containing wire stakes, it is best to remove them and store separately, as they would otherwise bend or puncture through the substance. Placing the stakes directly on the top of the sign could scratch the printed surface. Store aluminum signs and corrugated plastic on flat surfaces as stress can break them.



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